Monday, November 2, 2009

Worms eat my garbage

I want worms to eat my garbage.  Ok, they already do, out back, in the compost bins.  I want them in the house.  Worms eat my garbage is the title of a book by Mary Appelhof and it details how to set up a worm composting system.  The idea is to build a simple container, line with some sort of bedding, such as newspapers and then start to add kitchen scraps.  I've been talking about setting this up for a couple of years and now is the time to do it.  My friends think it's a crazy idea especially when I start to talk about introducing worms to my work's staff lounge.  What is it about worms (in this case, small red wriggler worms) that make people go "eew"?

A worm bin can be made for pennies, not including the cost of worms, but this system is pretty swank

Worm Chalet

I need an enthusiastic partner to help me with this worm endeavor as my honey, S, thinks I've gone off the deep end.


  1. Worms eat my garbage! We've had a worm bin in the basement for about 2 years now. We have the round one. I bought from ebay I believe. Ordered the worms there, too. Had to have the worms delivered to work because I bought them in February. Most coworkers were grossed out but one thought it was really cool. I can answer your questions!

    Cindy F.

  2. Great! It's time for you to come to DC and help me with this project!