Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dark Days Challenge - Week 19

This is the end of the Dark Days Challenge.  For the most part, it wasn't too difficult to do although I have learned that I need to try and preserve a wider variety of food.  My dehydrator can be used to do more things such as vegetable flakes for soup.  I grow lots and lots of greens along with getting some from my CSA so one thing I will try to do this year is figure out a way to better preserve the kale, mustard greens and such.

The meal this week was a repeat - Broccoli quiche.  The broccoli came from my winter CSA, eggs and milk from dairy (cheddar cheese was not local).   The salad was the best part - spinach, mustard, chervil, sorrel and lettuce all from the cold frame in the backyard.  I opened the last jar of dilly beans for a side dish.  For dessert, there was some pie crust leftover, so Sean improvised an apple tart (apples from my CSA).  Everything was delicious.

Sean making the crust

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