Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's left on the canning shelf

I don't have that much left of pickles and jams and such

There's 2 jars of hot sauce, 1 pickled banana pepper, 3 canned beets, 2 strawberry jam, 1 dill pickle, 2 dilly beans and 1 asian style pickle.

The question is what do I do with all that hot sauce?  I don't use hot sauce - it's not that I don't like spicy food but it's not the go-to condiment for my cooking.  I still have 1 gallon bag of hot peppers in the freezer, not idea what to do with that.  Maybe I'll try to dehydrate them and then grind them up into pepper flakes.

I'm thinking ahead of what to try and pickle/can this summer.  I don't think I'll can beets but just pickles them this year.  Definitely more bread and butter pickles and maybe another kind of dill.  The dilly beans were good.  Maybe a zucchini relish or cucumber relish.

What is everyone's favorite kind of pickle?


  1. Mmmmm, sweet & spicy pickles. I can eat them straight out of the jar. Chopped up they make a really good relish, too.

  2. Bread and butter are my favorite, too. If you're looking for something different, my grandmother was famous for her super-sweet pickles (actually, she was famous for her super-sweet everything from pies to coleslaw). I made them once; I remember cinnamon stick and vanilla as ingredients. I'll look up the recipe if you're interested.

    Cindy F.