Saturday, March 27, 2010

The greens are growing

Sunny but cold today.  A perfect day to be in the garden.  I've taken over the little flower garden adjacent to mine and it needed some work.  The daffodils are starting to bloom and the rest of the plot is overrun with oriental poppies.  The poppies are very pretty when in bloom but they are invasive so they had to go.  I dug those out along with the weeds and some mint.  The plot has potential for being a nice little space.  I think I will transplant some coneflowers and maybe some russian sage from my yard.    Throw in some sunflowers and cosmos and the bees and birds will be happy.  For part of the time while weeding, there was a robin not a couple of feet away from me, happily digging into the dug up dirt.

The greens are sprouting!!


Mustard on the left, Spinach on the right


Broccoli Raab


  1. Oriental Poppies are invasive in your neck of the woods? Wow - here you get the plant that you transplant - it gets big and then after 5 - 10 years it dies and you buy another.

    And we don't even have seeds in the ground yet let alone coming up.

    Color me GREEN! (see, it's a pun, multiple meanings... 3 that I can think of... guess it doens't count if I point it out though)

  2. I wish I had some invasive poppies! Never been able to get them to grow here.

    We were all set to get some stuff in the ground on Saturday, but it was FROZEN again. So frustrating!