Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garden 2010

I'm in awe of my friend over at Nyack Backyard.  She graded her garden from last year.  I order my seeds, plant them and then forget what they are!

This year will be different and I hope this blog will help me keep track of how my plants do this year.

Today was a gorgeous day and  it was time to plant.  Last fall, my garden mentor and I redid my garden and built lovely raised beds with dug out paths.  Today it was very easy to start planting since all the work was done last fall.  I'll try to keep track of everything planted.

Leeks, planted last fall.

Peas.  Dakota and Canoe.  From Territorial Seeds.  The empty row will be for snow peas (that I forgot to buy!  I'll check my local nurseries_

These are shorts rows of greens.  From left to right:

Radishes: Gourmet Rainbow Mix, John Scheepers
Chard: Five Colored Silverbeet, Abundant Life Seeds
Mustard: Kyoto Mizuna, Territorial Seeds
Spinach: Bordeaux Red-Stemmed, John Scheepers
Spinach: Regal, Territorial Seeds
Lettuce: London Springs Lettuce Mix, Territorial Seeds
Lettuce: Yugoslavian Red, Abundant Life
Arugula: Seeds bought at local Italian market, forgot which brand

Kale, wintered over
on the left of kale:  Broccoli Raab, Cima di Rapa, John Scheepers
on the right of kale: Broccoli, DiCicco, Abundant Life Seeds

Garlic, planted last October


  1. I'm envious that you can start planting! We have at least another month to go.
    - Susan M.

  2. Hey, thanks, but you've got an awesome start going here yourself! I've only put a few peas in the ground so far, but I really think this is the weekend to get some stuff in the ground. I see we're growing some of the same varieties so it will be fun to compare!