Monday, March 22, 2010

Planting in the garden, week 2

This past weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous and in the 70's.   I met my garden neighbor on Sunday and we went to work spreading chips all around our paths.  I have also taken over the care of a little flower garden adjacent to my plot so we spread out a path with wood chips along side the flowers.

Sunday morning I planted Royal Chantenay carrots from John Scheepers, Wild Garden Mustard from Territorial Seeds and Butterhead lettuce from Abundant Seeds.

My fava beans are on backorder with Territorial Seeds and now is the time to plant them, so I visited my local nursery (American Plant) and found some fava along with the Oregon Snow pea pods that I forgot to order.  I also wanted more carrot seeds but the nursery was all sold out.  Brian came in with me and picked out some herb seeds (Basil and Cilantro) so I told him we would start them inside.  A project for next week while on Spring Break.

Later in the day, I went back to plant the favas and snow peas.  Next week it will be time to put in the beets.

I have one more gallon bag of hot peppers from last summer so I decided to dehydrate them and then grind them.  They are dehydrating right now as I watch the first episode of Dancing with the Stars!

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