Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Week's CSA - June 29

Last week, there was no delivery of the CSA.  This week, it was back to normal deliveries.  In this week's bag was

Yukon gold potatoes - truly "new" potatoes.  
New garlic 
English Cucumbers
2 heads of lettuce 

I split the bag with my friend so I think I gave her the cukes and I took the chard.  

Purslane - what to do with it?  This is the weed that I pull out from the yard and garden but apparently it is very nutritious.

I cleaned it and tasted it and it's not bad.  Sort of a sour taste, like sorrel. I found a cucumber yogurt mint salad that uses it, so that's what I'll try.  

The potatoes and new onions went into a chicken noodle soup and the shallots were sauteed with garlic and the chard.

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  1. I think Paula Wolfert's version of fattoush uses purslane. We used to have it all over the yard and like you, I yanked it all out. Now that I know what it is I don't get it anymore :-( I used our CSA chard this week on pizza - it was delish!