Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today's harvest and preserving

I spent the whole morning in the vegetable garden.  We finally had some rain yesterday so the soil was moist enough to make weeding easy. It was also my turn to tend to the community compost so I weeded all around the area and turned a couple of bins until my back was screaming at me.  Then I tended to my own garden with a little weeding and pulled out all the dill plants.  The sweet potatoes will be happy since the dill was blocking the sun.  Lastly, I pulled out the mint from the little flower garden adjacent to the vegetable garden and pulled the weeds out of the path.  Before going home, I picked all these vegetables.

Mizuna, cherry tomatoes, green beans, red chili peppers, carrots, cukes, chard, potatoes, dill, shallots, squash

tomatoes, zucchini, mizuna

chilies and peppers

cukes and potatoes

Lots of chard

I had never tried freezing greens so thought it was worth a try.  All the recipes I found said to blanch the greens first, dry and then freeze.  Here is the washed chard, ready to go in the hot water

In the pot of hot water

Ready for the freezer

Next up were the carrots.  These are being vacuumed sealed.  Sliced and then blanched for 5 min

Sealed carrots and mizuna

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