Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Week's CSA

The vegetables are starting to really come in. This week's CSA contained

Spring Onions
Green Beans
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Summer Squash

These are potatoes from my garden plus the CSA potatoes.  I love freshly dug spuds

For dinner tonight, I made brats with kohlrabi slaw and steamed green beans with chopped preserved lemons.  I put out some homemade zucchini relish, bread and butter pickles and a jar of garlic pickles in which the seal didn't take but I thought would be ok in the fridge.  The relish was delicious on the brats and the bread and butter pickles were tasty.  The garlic pickles, on the other hand, were mushy.  I think the water bath processing didn't work with this particular jar.  Instead of throwing out the pickles, I threw them all in the food processor and chopped it up for relish.  Since the cukes also had red chilis and garlic in them, this relish is SPICY!  The green beans were delicious.  All I did was steam them, chop up one piece of lemon and then combine with a little olive oil and the beans.

Preserved Lemons.  Recipe here.

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