Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's blooming July 8

It's hot out there.  I don't normally water the garden but the past few days I've been targeting specific plants to give some water.  Most of the plants in the yard are natives so they should be used to living in the hot and humid weather of DC.

My goal of eating only from the pantry/fridge/freezer is proceeding.  Yesterday morning it was melon, toast with homemade strawberry jam.  For lunch, leftover pasta with chard and purslane yogurt salad.  Last night went to dinner at a French restaurant for a 50th wedding anniversary party.

this morning, scrambled eggs with garden tomatoes (sliced, olive oil, salt, pepper and broiled).  Lunch will be more chard and pasta with melon and blueberries.  I have no idea what to do with dinner but thought I would give Sean the list of vegetables and see what he suggests.

Here are a few plants that are in bloom this week

Coneflowers and Russian Sage

Dill in foreground with Anise Hyssop




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