Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 8

Week 8 of the Dark Days Challenge

Last Sunday, S and I braved the very very cold morning (it was something like 4 degrees with the wind chill) to go to the Dupont Circle Farmer's market.  Not surprisingly, there were not many vendors out and very little vegetables for offer.  We ended up buying some homemade Italian sausage, apples, a turnip, fresh mozzerella and fresh feta.

This week's meal was fried Italian sausage from Smith Meadows Farm, in Berryville, VA.   If it was just me, I would have bought Hot sausage but since my children were going to eat this meal, I stuck with the Sweet version.  I just fried it up in some olive oil until done.  They wanted it plain, so no bun, no onions, no peppers (I'm from New England and we love our sausage and pepper grinders)

The sides were whipped turnip for me, mashed potatoes for E and B and roasted beans from all.  Turnip from market, green beans from my garden and potatoes from safeway because mine are all gone.

I'm running out of food and ideas!  I had planned on buying some grains from Wade's Mill although they don't distribute locally so I would have to order over the phone and have the stuff shipped.  Since one of my new year's resolutions was to try and not use my credit card for the month of January,  I am postponing the grain buying.

Sausage, beans, turnips

How about I post what I have on hand and everyone can give me suggestions for next week?


tomatoes - lots and lots of them
green beans
sweet potatoes
Lettuce - from cold frame
pickles - bread and butter, dill
pickled carrots
canned beets
strawberry jam
sour cherries
milk, eggs, butter, cheese (cheddar, feta)

My heritage hog is coming next week but not in time for week 9 - what can I make with the above?  I will probably hit the farmer's market this weekend.


  1. Breakfast for dinner: cheese omelets, fruit, toast with jam. I found local flour (available at the grocery!) after doing a little research -- now I just have to learn how to make bread and biscuits!

  2. how about a greek flavored quiche with the milk, eggs and feta and some tomato (could even roast the tomatoes first). Then a side dish of the green beans with some of the pickled carrots?