Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 9

My local farmer's market had taken a break over the holidays but it was back last week.    There was a better selection than I expected.

Asian pear, broccoli, young chard, kohlrabi

carrots, Gala apples, grass fed cheddar cheese

Last night we had our week 9 meal (has it been 9 weeks already?).  I decided to make a cheese souffle with a side of steamed broccoli and a salad of young chard and sliced kohlrabi for me and just a little lettuce from the cold frame for the kids.  My kids will eat salad but with no dressing.  Blah I say, but at least they are eating the greens.

The souffle was made with milk, eggs, butter from South Mountain Creamery and I used the cheese from the farmer's market.  It's from Clear Spring Creamery in Clear Spring, MD.   Cheese from grass fed cows is definitely an acquired taste so I prefer to use it in cooking instead of eating it out of hand. 

Souffle, ready for the oven

Fresh from the oven

Young chard with sliced raw kohlrabi - dressed with vinaigrette

Lettuce from the cold frame

Souffle and broccoli

Next week - PORK!  My heritage hog (Tamworth) is scheduled to be delivered on Saturday.  Farmer Allan asked me if I wanted the rendered lard or did I want to donate it to his chickens.  The chickens are getting a feast since I can't possibly make enough pies to use up that much lard.  Plus, in my annual checkup this week, my bad cholesterol has gone up 30 points since last year - could it be the pork?  Or the delicious cheese I love?  In any case, the pig is coming so I will need to start exercising more to make up for the bacon and sausage I will be eating.  Maybe I'll make S eat more of it than me.  I told him he needs to stop participating in these loner sports (biking) and help me out with exercising together.  He was not sympathetic to my plight.

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  1. The pig is coming!! Can't wait to see what you make with it!. But I could probably eat that souffle all winter if I had to.

    You asked where I'm ordering seeds from. I'm requesting catalogs from the ones that made the safe seed pledge and researching, but for now I may just stick with Baker Creek and John Scheepers. I'm hoping to grow a lot of mixes and I noticed that Scheepers had lots of them. Baker Creek seems to have lots of unusual heirlooms. What about you?