Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 101 Award

My friend at Midwest Green tagged me in a Happy 101 Award!  What a fun idea.  Here goes my try

Here are the rules for the Happy 101 Award
  • List 10 things that make you happy. (Try to do one of them today)
  • Tag 10 bloggers that make you happy.
  • Make sure to link back to the person that tagged you. 
10 things that make me happy

1.  Cooking with my honey, Sean.
2.  Making my son laugh so hard he falls off the chair.
3. Having my 12 (almost 13) year old daughter sit on my lap while we watch TV.
4. Puttering around in my garden in my yard.
5. Spending hours in my community vegetable garden plot.
6. Knitting
7. Spending time with my friends, especially Patricia.
8. Tap dancing (10 min after my first lesson, my teacher proclaimed "you are a tap dancer").
9. Interlibrary loan.  The absolute best perk of working in a library.
10. Free museums in DC.

Here are 10 blogs that I enjoy reading ( I won't list Midwest Green but she raises llamas so what's not to love about her blog?!)

mommy porch - another local food follower.
the blue blog - an amazing knitter.
Nature Hero - my son, what can I say?
guinnah - delicious food being cooked here.
Nyack Backyard - a kindred gardening spirit.
When Life Gives You Lemons - my daughter and her friend - they are brilliant middle schoolers.
(not so) Urban Hennery -inspiring me to the Dark Days Challenge.
The HenCam - all chickens, all the time.
Gradually Greener - a DC urban gardener.
Retro Housewife Goes Green - giving me ideas of how I can be more green.


  1. Aw thanks so much!!! When I started my blog I never thought anyone but maybe my friends and family would read, now few friends or family read but lots of people I have never met do. :)

  2. Excellent! Thanks - I'll have to check out some of those links, too. The HenCam looks really intriguing....