Thursday, January 28, 2010

More preserving - Hot Sauce

I decided to finally make a batch of hot sauce to use up all the hot peppers in the freezer.  I used a recipe from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine. 

I defrosted 2 - gallon bags of crushed tomatoes (from my garden) - the juice separated a bit but I mixed it all together.  The recipe called for  8 cups of chopped, peeled, seeded tomatoes so I thought this was a good substitute.

Here is a sample of hot peppers used - most from Farmer Allan but many from my gardening friend Edouard's plants (he was traveling for 2 months and I got to pick what I wanted from his garden) - I wore gloves and seeded these peppers. I was sneezing and coughing by the end!

Pickling spice - a mixture of many things like cinnamon, bay, cardamon, mustard seeds, coriander and other things

Combine in pot, add 2 cups white vinegar.  Simmer until peppers are soft, then puree. Back on stove with pickling spices, sugar and more white vinegar.  Simmer until thick.


Sean and I opened a jar last night and while it was hot, it wasn't lip numbing.  Very very tasty and we ate it on a saute of sausage and kale.  Delicious

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  1. Wow, you made your own hot sauce! I can just imaging how tasty that would be.

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