Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Preserved lemons and beet soup

I bought a whole bag of very non-local lemons at Costco this week (really, where do I get local lemons in DC?)

I decided to try and make preserved lemons.  This recipe comes from Madjur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian.  You take 2 lbs of lemons, cut them in quarters and toss with a mixture of spices and sugar and lots and lots of salt.  Then layer in jars, add more lemon juice.  I have put them in the fridge and shake the jar every day.  Supposedly the skins will soften in a month or so.



I had a hankering for cold buttermilk beet soup.  The buttermilk from my local dairy is fantastic and the recipe is very easy.  I canned several jars of beets this summer.  They look funny because all the color bled out of the beets during the pressure canning process.  I had cooked them first with the skins on and when the beets went into the jars, they were purple.  I don't know what happened!  Anyway, I drained a jar of beets, added some glugs of buttermilk to the blender, lots of dried dill and salt and pepper.  Blend until smooth.





  1. Let me know how your preserved lemons turn out. We have a ton of lemons - I just froze about 5 ice cube trays full of lemon juice. but there are still plenty on the tree. Every year I swear I'm going to make preserved lemons (and I have that cookbook) and limoncello. I never end up doing either. Not sure why...

  2. Yeah, I'm really curious about those lemons and how they turn out! I made limoncello once - really easy.

  3. The lemons are definitely softening. I've been able to combine most of jar two into jar one. Once they are done, I don't know how to use them!