Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Garden redesign - pictures

Back in November, my gardening friend Edouard asked me if I wanted to incorporate a little piece of his plot into my plot.  How could I say no?  When we were finished with the work, his daughter dropped by and took some pictures of the garden.  The tall plants in front of me are fava beans - they were crushed during our snowstorm in Dec so I have no idea if they will bounce back.  The older Italian man in my garden (who has a FABULOUS garden) tsk tsked when he saw the fava plants - he told me he plants his in Feb and that I did it too early.  We'll see what happens, that's what gardening is all about, trying new things.







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  1. Very nice! You'll have to post some photos in July when it's in it's glory! I'm afraid I've never grown fava beans - you can overwinter those?? I think peas will be the first thing I direct sow this year - maybe spinach, too.