Saturday, January 30, 2010

Socks - Mystery Clue 4 finished

It's been an interesting experiment knitting these socks.  One sock is on a #1 circular needle and the other sock is on double pointed #1 needles.  I had to learn the Magic Loop method for the circular needle and the jury is still out on which method I prefer.  There are many mistakes on the sock knitted with Magic Loop - both because the method was new to me and it was more difficult to pay attention to where I was in the pattern.  So if you look closely, one set of girls are more "pear shaped" than the other set.  At least with the DP needles, it was easier to keep my place.  It's also been fun only working on a portion of the pattern at a time.  It feels like more is getting accomplished and I won't have the dreaded "second sock syndrome".  Clue 5 comes on on Feb 2.





  1. great sock modeling!

    I think they'll be cute - - I love that you are doing circular and double pointed with the same pair.

    I'm not in the mood to do intricate knitting - but will be doing some easy stuff soon - a cowl and a bag - - got the itch.

  2. Your socks are coming along nicely, those colors are so very kewl. I'm on the heel flap of the first one just about ready to turn the heel!