Sunday, November 8, 2009

Homesteading - a backward step?

My friend C, sent me this article questioning if urban homesteading is a backward step for women.    The  essay goes on to talk about gender roles and the popularity of women doing more canning, beekeeping, gardening and cooking from scratch.  In my case, gender roles don't really come into play since there isn't a man living here other than my son who is the one who loves to cook.  His sister tells him she doesn't have to learn since he can live with her and be her cook!  I said in a previous post that I grew up with my parents gardening and my mother preserving all the food as well as cooking everything from scratch.  That's just how it's always been with me - cooking from scratch is how I've always done it no matter if I was in school or working full time.  My kids will say "why buy a mix when it's so easy to make from scratch" - I have them brainwashed.   Is it a backward step for my gender if I love to garden, grow my own food and preserve it?  I don't think so.  It helps to be obsessively organized plus I spent several years in a job cooking breakfast and lunch for 200 people - putting a homemade meal on the table for 3 people is a piece of cake.


  1. and cooking from scratch is much healthier than eating processed ick.

    good thing I married a man who loves to cook.

  2. That article raises some good points - I think it's nice, as a working mom, to try to do a few things by hand when I can, but also have the option not to if it's just too hard. (I realize I'm priveleged in that respect!) Yes, it is healthier - but it is fun too. I do wish my husband participated more in the gardening and cooking.