Friday, November 6, 2009

New Rain Barrels

I've already failed in the NaBloPoMo challenge to post something to the blog everyday this month. I'm in Charleston, SC for a conference and while there is an "internet cafe" often there is a line of librarians frantically waiting to check their email.

My new 150 gallon rain barrels, curtesy of the DC government for the small fee of $30, are set to arrive in a couple of weeks. My neighbor has graciously agreed to try putting a rain barrel beneath his gutter, on the side of the house that shares my side. The other rain barrel will most likely replace the one that is in the backyard and the current barrel will be moved to the side of the garage. There is a small plot that is adjacent to the garage but that is only accessible by going out the back gate to the alley. It's a pain to get water there so having a rain barrel back in the alley should alleviate the problem. The only problem would be want mischief people who use the alley will do to the barrel. I'm optimistic that nothing will happen - on the other hand, maybe it will get stolen. We'll see.

In the meantime, it's beautiful weather in Charleston and my goal is to find those grits mommy porch recommended. Are they locally grown and milled? I can buy locally grown tea - I think there is one tea plantation left in SC.

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