Monday, November 16, 2009

Sadness over Tree

The house next door to me is a rental and has been ever since I've lived in this house.  It is owned by a brother and sister and I'm assuming it was their parents home.  There was a big old beautiful cherry tree in the front yard.  Now it is gone.  I just spent 30 min watching it being cut down.  My heart is broken.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the tree.  The new renters told me the brother and sister had different opinions and that one wanted it gone (why?!) and the other didn't.  The renter also told me he was requesting that the tree not be cut down.  It is now gone.  The backyard of this house is filled with a dead apple tree, weedy trees like loctus and mulberries, every possible invasive vine from English ivy to honeysuckle to poison ivy.  Why in the world was it felt necessary to cut down the beautiful tree?  It was one of the last cherry tree varieties to bloom and housed many many birds who would then land on my bird bath.  My son was so upset he started to cry.  It's a crime.

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  1. This is so sad. We have a cherry tree in our front yard and it's really the "centerpiece" of the yard. We have some neighbors who recently took out a whole line of trees in their backyard, but at least it opened up a view and we can see the sunsets better now. Maybe the tree will be replaced with something nice? - more sun for vegetable growing maybe?