Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet potatoes

I planted sweet potatoes this year and they grew like crazy.  Here is a picture of the harvest - my sweet potatoes on steroids

The problem is my basement is too moist so I'm not sure how long these spuds will last.  They could be cooked and pureed and vacuum sealed in the freezer, but my freezer is running out of space.  I need a root cellar or at least a better way to keep squash, garlic, onions, etc.  There is too much sprouting going on with my vegetables in the basement.

I made a Pumpkin chocolate chip bread tonight and substituted pureed sweet potatoes mixed with a little applesauce for the pumpkin.  The whole baking experience got me thinking about the Dark Days Challenge.   I've signed up for it but I'm not sure my heart is really into it.  I have issues with the whole eat local theory.    I think it's misguided.  For the quick bread, I used flour, sugar, eggs, sweet potato, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, shortening.  For all those ingredients, the only think I can get locally is the vegetable and eggs (my eggs come from either my farmer in WV or through my home delivery milk man).  There is no way to buy locally grown flour or sugar or vanilla or spices, etc.  I can understand trying to buy vegetables in season and locally raised meat - but many many staples can't be grown within 100 miles of Washington, DC and I'll be damned if I give up those things.  


  1. I got some local flour from Wades Mill ( via Arganica Farm Club (

  2. I think the idea behind the Dark Days Challenge is to find the major components of your dinner locally. Incidentals like olive oil and spices don't count so I don't think baking soda and baking powder would either. In just a couple of days, thinking about the challenge has made me a lot more aware of what is available locally.