Friday, November 27, 2009

Recycle - Reuse - Food Storage

This piece of furniture now lives in my basement

It's a section of the library's shelf list.  There were 10 sections sold off in the past month. My neighbor and I each bought one.  It was a bargain for $50, especially since S and I saw one about 1/4 the size in a furniture shop on 14th St, selling for $227.   My neighbor cut his in half and he is using it as a work bench/storage in his garage.

The card catalog was in my garage while I figured out where to put it in the house.  I really wanted it upstairs somewhere but that would take redesigning the whole first floor.  Since I wasn't up to that task and didn't want this to sit in my garage all winter, today S, my neighbor and I moved it into the basement.

I think most of the sweet potatoes will fit into it.


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