Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day in the Garden

While I usually walk through the vegetable garden every day or every other day, it's been a couple of weeks since I really weeded.  Today, I started out early and spent 4 hours weeding around the vegetables, weeding the paths and with the help of my friend Edouard, turning the community compost.  Everything looks pretty good.  With the hot and humid weather, some of the greens have started to bolt so they were pulled out today - spinach, raab and arugula. They were tossed into the corner of the garden to start a little compost pile.  Well, the arugula was cut and I'll let it grow back and go to seed which will be spread out in the garden.

Fava Bean!

Beets peeking out

Bolted spinach

Radish that was let go to flower


Potatoes - the stalks are huge!

The tops of the leeks. I cut them all off - will saute and eat

The first harvest of Chiogga beets

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