Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This week's harvest from the Vegetable Garden

It's been raining for a few days so yesterday was the first time in several days that I was able to stop by the garden.  Everything looks healthy although a couple of the sweet potato plants are lifeless and because of the cold weather, the tomatoes are not growing as they should.

I picked some greens for dinner.  As I was walking past the peas, I did a double take and saw fat pods hanging off one type of plant.  Yipee!  One of my favorite foods is fresh shelled peas.

These babies were gone in a second.  Beanie Two had a few but I ate the rest, raw.

Broccoli raab - flowers and all.

What to do with the raab?  I boiled some water and then threw in the greens for a couple of minutes.  Drained, then chopped greens.  Saute some pork sausage, chop into pieces while frying, then throw in chopped greens and cook for a few minutes until hot.  Season to taste. I only added a little salt but hot pepper would be good.  Eat for lunch the next day.

Mixed greens for salad

Lovely radishes

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