Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New plants this week

Sunday was hot and muggy.  I met my friend at the vegetable garden in order to give her some thinned broccoli plants.  I thought it was only going to take a few minutes but an hour later, I was still puttering around.  Came home and started in the yard, after deciding to not go to tap dance class.

Here is what I planted on Sunday - nothing is in bloom yet but here is what the plants will look like.

Hibiscus Moy Grande - planted in the median strip between sidewalk and road

Chelone - Pink Temptation - one of the hydrangeas died and I have this planted elsewhere and it does well.  I like the color.

Agastache - Blue Fortune - A lavender plant died so I replaced it with this

For the slope, near where the ivy was dug up, I bought Creeping Phlox and St John's wort

There is a weird little strip that abuts the back porch and lines the way down to the basement.  There were crappy orange daylilies that I dug up as well as Euonymus that were damaged in the snow. I didn't like them anyway, so they are gone.  In their place are some ferns and transplanted hostas.

Autumn Fern - Brilliance
Japanese Painted Fern
Tassel Fern

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