Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Preserving

The garden is in pretty good shape.  I bought a small sifter contraption because I'm tired of all the rocks in my vegetable garden.  So, I've started sifting out the rocks, bed by bed.  As I pull out old plants, I'm preparing the area by trying to get rid of the rocks.  It's almost time to start planting for the fall but it's still too hot.  Today, my garden neighbor transplanted leeks that he started earlier so I have one bed of those - they will winter over and be ready next spring.  I've ordered some seeds from Territorial Seeds - mostly mustards and other greens.  I need to prepare the cold frame that I have at the house to be ready for some plantings - I think I will put lettuce and spinach in it.

This week preserving involves dehydrating peaches, freezing vegetables and getting ready to make pickles this weekend.  I get peaches from my CSA farmer and for the past two weeks while I was in Maine, my honey Sean and friend Patricia froze the peaches for me.  This week, I decided to dry them in order to use in granola.

Peeled and sliced and sitting in a citric acid solution (to prevent browning)

Waiting to be dried in machine

All done!  I actually took them off the trays and put them on cookie sheets to freeze.  Then put them into ziplock bag and back into the freezer. 

Up close

Hot peppers, ready to be frozen.  These were picked from my garden neighbor's plants and I will stockpile until I have enough to make a batch of hot sauce

Tomatillos on left, plum tomatoes on right.  Really easy to freeze, just wash and pop into bags.  When you are ready to use the tomatoes, just run under cool water and the skins slip right off.

Green beans.  I put some aside for pickles later this week, some for dinner tomorrow night and these are the rest. I blanched them, put them into ice water, dry and then I will vacuum seal them with the Food Saver

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  1. I think I need to get one of those dehydrator things - what a great way to use surplus fruit! Your peppers and beans look beautiful, too.

    I spend a lot of time digging out big rocks and I can't say I hate it. Theraputic, even.