Sunday, August 29, 2010

DC State Fair

A few local bloggers got together and decided that DC needed it's own state fair.   I saw the announcement on my local DC garden listserv - one of the categories was pickles and knew I just had to enter.  The fair (all one tent of it) was held yesterday, during Columbia Heights Day.  Columbia Heights is a neighborhood in the city and the festivities were held at the local elementary school.   I decided to enter a jar of bread and butter pickles. 

Sean kept teasing me that I was going to be disappointed but I kept saying it was all in fun. We headed on over to the fair in the morning.

I just KNEW they were winning pickles!

Waiting to enter the pickles

The competition
I think the winning jar is on the left, front. - more about that later

The woman on the right was entering the pie contest with a peach-sour cherry pie.

A group yoga session

Hip storyteller

DC has a roller derby team - the DC Rollergirls.  I just had to have a picture taken with them.  One of my colleagues was in their training camp and broke her ankle - I mentioned it to the women here and they were all excited that Sean and I knew Allie.  For sure, I'm taking Emma and Brian to see them this year.
Me and Sean.  Get a load of his beard.  I LOVE it.  Emma hates it :-)

The pickle judges.  They picked Pickled Peaches to win the first prize and white asparagus to win 2nd.  There was a tie for 3rd but I didn't hear who won that!

Losers, comparing pickles

A younger judge!  His dad was running around, trying all the pickles.

What's a state fair without a few animals.  There are chickens, ducks and goats in this pen

A camel?  In Columbia Heights?!

We had a fun time but all I have to say is Pickled Peaches?  That's just not right!  I'm already planning for next year.

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