Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last day of Maine vacation

Sean and I decided to go for a hike.  We picked a place out of mom's hikes of Maine book and headed out Friday morning.  Unfortunately for us, we had to turn back from the original route to the trail because the road was closed.  Luckily we had the hiking book with us and picked another place that wasn't too far away.  Unluckily, while we were driving on Rte 2, I managed to hit an orange barrel on the side of the road and have my passenger side mirror pop off.  It's a long story but I feel it wasn't my fault!  I have mentioned how much I hate my car?

We made it to the Albany Mountain Trail which turned out to be in the White Mountains.  We ended up hiking a loop that took about 4 hours.  Along the way, I took pictures of an amazing variety of fungi.  Can anyone identify what these are?

At the end of the hike, we drive south to Lovell Maine, to the best Belgian Pub in the US.   I had some sour tasting Belgian beer (1869 Berliner Weisse)  that wasn't to my liking while Sean was smiling and licking his lips and making yummy noises through his two sour tasting beers!

On Saturday, it was a long drive home to DC.  We left the kids to stay another week where they attended the 4-H camp, run by the University of Maine.


  1. I could be wrong, but I believe scientists refer to the tall fungi growing on the rock in the middle of the creek is often referred to as Seaneas Caseyistis.

  2. You take photos like I do - - I also have a fungi series from a hike a couple of years ago.

    I haven't been to Maine in probably 17.5 years (our honeymoon) - I love Maine and if I were to ever move, that might very well be my first choice.