Monday, August 16, 2010

Maine vacation - Part four

We have our routines in Maine but I always try to find some new places for us to visit.  On Thurs of the first week, we decided to drive north to Kingfield and visit the Stanley Steamer museum.

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Kingfield is about an hour north of Peru and a lovely drive in the mountains. It took longer to drive there than it did to go through the museum.  The museum is housed in an old school house and is two rooms.  There was a very nice young man who gave us a tour of the two rooms!  The Stanley brothers made their money in photography which made them wealthy enough to develop their steam engine cars.

The two cars in the museum!

Brian, playing with something in the museum

After the museum, we headed west to Rangeley and some ice cream.  Brian decided to have a red hot dog, a specialty of Maine.  Sean thinks it's crazy to have top split hot dog rolls but what does he know, he's from Wisconsin.

Brian and his red hot dog

The kids in Rangeley.  Emma had raspberry sorbet.  I had Grapenut Ice Cream - vanilla ice cream with grapenuts in them.  Delicious.

The Rangeley Lake area - view from Rte 17, headed back to Peru

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