Monday, August 23, 2010

The Figs are In!

There is a Fig tree in the community garden.  I like figs but have never really paid attention to this tree until last year.  Sean and I had fig and prosciutto pizza and I thought I would try it with the community figs. It was delicious so this year, I'm determined to preserve come of these figs.  It takes about 30 to make the recipe for fig preserves in the Ball canning book and that would still leave plenty for others to take.  Saturday I took Emma to her friend's for a sleepover and while yaking with her friend's mom, we talked figs.  So yesterday while at the garden, I wandered over to see if any were ready and there were a few plump, squishy figs.   They were picked (the sticky thing about figs is when you pick ripe ones, they ooze a sap out of the stem and gets all over your hands).

The figs in the garden are green with strawberry colored center

I decided to make them tonight in the method that my friend suggested.  Split in two, coated with sugar and put cut side down in a hot pan.  Cook for a few minutes until sugar starts to caramelize and then flip over to warm other side.  Serve over ice cream

Coated with sugar

Sugar bubbling

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