Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Late August, working in the garden

My friend Shelly has started her own garden and wanted to come over and see mine.  Sunday was probably not the best day to head over there as another hot spell is coming through.  She wanted to just see what my garden looks like and since my garden friend Edouard was also there, he gave her a lesson in how to seed greens.

I've been saving paper for a couple of months.  They are put down on a new path, watered and then wood chips spread on top.  Hopefully this will keep the switchgrass at bay.

The little flower garden - I transplanted some coreopsis, thyme, butterfly weed and iris.

Edouard giving Shelly a lesson in seeding

Great form!

Winter squash (Amber Cup), growing on the fence.

Sweet potatoes!

Cucumbers - still producing. I gave Eva, Edouard's daughter a handful and Shelly also took some

Greens seeded last week - already sprouting

Leeks and beets

I dug up the rest of the potatoes

More rhubarb, the first sweet potato and some peppers

The rest of the carrots.  Tomorrow's project will be to vacuum seal them

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