Thursday, June 3, 2010

The first harvest of beets

I've always like beets.  The only way I remember eating them as a kid were canned.  My mother would dress them with oil, vinegar, dried basil and oregano and we would eat at as a side dish.  We had a huge vegetable garden but I don't remember my mom growing beets (although with all my memories, I'm sure mom would say "we always grew beets"

My favorite way to eat beets these days is a cold buttermilk soup. Nothing could be easier to make.  Boil, bake or steam beets until done.  Peel.  Puree in a blender with buttermilk and some ice cubes.  Pour into a container and season with salt and dried dill.  Eat cold.

Chiogga Beets.  Beautiful raw but the rings disappear when cooked.

Cooked beets with buttermilk

Cooked Chiogga beets.  The colors run when cooked.

Beautiful pink soup!


  1. Have you ever made a beet pizza? I saw a recipe for a golden beet pizza somewhere this week that looked absolutely fabulous -- even to a non-beet enthusiast.

  2. We like to eat them in plain yogurt with some fresh mint. Of course the yogurt turns pink but it is delicious!