Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot in the Garden today

I got to the garden this morning at 8am and it was already hot and steamy.  I pulled up the radishes (I let them go to flower because they are pretty and the insects love it) and weeded.  Spent most of the time weeding the little flower plot that is adjacent to my plot.  My conclusion is in the fall, I am going to dig out the whole plot.  There are daffodils that barely bloomed this year because they are so dense, so they will be separated and replanted.  There is mint, lily of the valley, violets and oriental poppies - all of which spread like crazy and I don't want them!  I'll replant the flower garden with cast offs from my own yard and then seed with annuals.  That is the ambitious plan for Sept and Oct.

Today I pulled out the rest of the leeks and planted summer squash in the space.  Also planted some fennel - I don't think it's too late for that.

I pulled what I thought would be enough beets to actually can but I was wrong.  So I just made a salad of pickled beets instead.  Here is the recipe I used.

Here is today's harvest

Fabulous Garlic!

Chiogga Beets

Carrots - tomorrow I will pull up a few more and then make Honey Dill Carrots to can.

The rest of the leeks.  I found a leek goat cheese Galette to try

The first pepper - Hungarian Wax.  The first green beans and potatoes

The last of the lettuce

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