Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sour Cherries - Danish Cherry Vlaai

On Sunday the kids and I went to pick strawberries and as luck would have it, the sour cherries were ready too.  My friend Kathryn has a cherry tree and in years past, I pick at her house.  Unfortunately, her tree didn't really produce last year so I felt like I had to seize the moment and pick cherries right away.

Ugh, my camera was blurry!

Usually I just freeze the cherries and then over the year, dehydrate them to put in my granola.  I found a recipe for something called Danish Cherry Vlaai.  It's a sweet yeast dough, put in a tart pan and topped with sugared cherries and baked for 30 min.

Dough in tart pan

Cherries mixed with sugar and beaten egg

Ready for the oven!

The rest of the cherries I put on a tray and froze.

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