Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's hot out there

I had meant to get to the garden at 7am but instead I lounged on my porch, did laundry and made two trips to the hardware store (the 2nd trip to exchange the replacement weed wacker string - I had bought the wrong one)

Finally made it to the garden at 10am and it was already hot and humid.  There isn't too much work to do but I weeded around the community compost bin, weeded my plot, picked and watered.  I also chat a lot with my fellow gardeners which is part of the fun of being in a community garden.

The produce is coming fast and strong and next week my CSA starts up - I've already told Sean to stop buying vegetables for the summer and have a shout out to friends to take the excess lettuce and mint.  My gardening friend Edouard is going to be away for the month of July so I will be picking in his garden too - I will really need to have a plan of action to preserve all this food.

Here is today's harvest

The first leek!

I'm going to use this leek to make cold leek and potato soup - will be the Meatless Monday meal.

Fava beans in the back, mustard greens, cleaned leek and chiogga beets

Mizuna, a couple of new potatoes, the rest of the shelling peas and snow peas and a mountain of lettuce

A blurry picture of the fava beans

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  1. Those vegies look so yummy (except the beets) - but you chopped off all the leek's green stuff. That's still good in the soup too!

    AZ Chris